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Denim is usually offered to us in garments that provide comfort, durability and luxe. Jeans exhibit at its highest the versatility of this fabric and its adaptability to different life styles, as a medium that carries all the memories of passing time.
To simulate different effects in denim through laundry processes is a pictorial art that takes as its point of departure the idea of disassembling the fibers’ indigo color, through physical and chemical processes, in order to achieve appearances and tonalities that lead us to think about the possibilities of transmission, not only through the language of fashion but also through the language of art.
Denim Art Project intends to give an artistic treatment to Candiani fabrics, through the focus of two artists that have been related both to the worlds of laundry processes and of art, to offer an exhibition including installations and bi-dimensional works on denim.
Juan Manuel Gomez / Laura Montoya
Medellin Colombia
email: deverazul@gmail.com

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