de ver azul / statement

Viviana palacio:
 The artist couple Juan Manuel Gomez and Laura Montoya proposes a dialogue between variations of the same support and material. These two visions of denim use the knowledge of the technical and manual processes of the textile laundry industry, and articulate it for the first time with their artwork, in drawing and mixed media. De ver azul (On seeing blue) combines the labor —labor and elaboration— (deber in Spanish) and the act of seeing (in Spanish, ver) —looking, finding, and also imagining—. Rubbing, engraving, marking, dipping, disassembling, bleaching, blocking, inking, dyeing, printmaking and working with laser, they reveal and create an amazing world of blue hues on denim and visual and tactile variations, that cohabit with different forms representing the elements that have left a mark in their lives: residues of the past, impressions of lost shadows and future extinctions, traces of creatures and imaginary worlds… These series of works invoke the infinity of possibilities that textile processes treasure for the arts and the permanence of denim over three centuries since its invention and continued reinvention. They are also a reflection of the historical use of color blue in art in its ability to create windows to other worlds beyond ours.

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